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Retirement Planning

You want to enjoy life now, but still accumulate enough money to retire comfortably and achieve your lifestyle goals.

Don’t wait for retirement to start your planning! Set your plan in place now for a tax effective, dynamic retirement strategy that is tailored to your unique income, planning and lifestyle needs.

It is very comforting to share your financial future with people who dedicate themselves to managing your finances for your maximum advantage. Retirement planning requires a combination of a trusting relationship, understanding, and specialist knowledge. Glenferrie Group Financial Planning’s professional expertise and personal, accessible approach provide this balance.

Our retirement planning approach includes:

  • listening and understanding your retirement and lifestyle goals;
  • structuring investments to achieve your goals;
  • understanding and explaining tax implications of retirement planning;
  • retirement income streams and/or lump sum payments;
  • asset security and social security;
  • estate planning;
  • ATO reporting;
  • ongoing care and strategy reviews.

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