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Accounting and Tax Advice for Business

Modern businesses demand up-to-date, timely and accurate financial information and yet often don’t have the internal resources to make this happen. Many businesses may be working hard, but not reaping the financial rewards. Some are experiencing rapid growth, just starting out or maybe winding down. Each situation has its own set of considerations.

At Glenferrie Group Accounting, our accountants and financial planners have the breadth and depth of experience to make sure your business is heading in the direction you want it to. We want you to have total confidence in your financial management, so you can focus all your time and energy into running and growing your business.

At Glenferrie Group Accounting, we:

  • actively listen to you as you discuss your current situation;
  • assist you in identifying your goals and aspirations;
  • share our considerable experience and knowledge to outline what works;
  • cast an objective eye over the financial management of your business;
  • relieve you from the burden of time-consuming bookkeeping and accounting tasks;
  • prepare timely and accurate annual accounts and periodic management accounts for tax, business appraisal and planning purposes;
  • look at your accounting planning needs for the short term and long term;
  • empower and inspire you with well-considered options;
  • take a responsive, flexible and proactive approach;
  • innovate and think outside the square.


Contact us on 03 9912 1212 or use our Contact Us form to discuss your business accounting and taxation needs.

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