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Accounting and Tax Advice for Individuals

Many of our individual clients need the advice of an experienced accountant because of the complexity of taxation law and the time required to complete a tax return in the most appropriate way. Many have also found entrusting their financial details to someone a daunting exercise. Some may want to pursue a strategy, such as negative gearing an investment property; others may simply want to check that they are claiming their full taxation entitlements and saving money in every way they can.

At Glenferrie Group Accounting, we work very hard to make tax a painless experience. We:

  • are experienced and fully qualified accountants, able to tackle any type of tax or accounting problem;
  • build trust with each client and then work even harder to maintain it;
  • take the pressure off you, by providing timely, reliable and accurate tax returns and taxation advice;
  • ensure that you are claiming everything you are entitled to;
  • follow a proven, step-by-step process to gather the relevant information;
  • are accessible to answer any queries;
  • support you in making broader financial decisions that may be necessary for your individual circumstances;
  • are flexible and transparent in our approach;
  • complete all accounting work and tax returns in an innovative, yet methodical way.

Learn more about our taxation services or alternatively our self managed super, financial planning and lending services.

Contact us on 03 9912 1212 or email us using the Contact Us form to discuss your specific needs.

Accounting and tax advice for business